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Family Stewardship Program

Family Stewardship Program: Sharing your time, talent & treasure!

The educational experience at Saint Rita is enhanced by the stewardship commitment of the families who share their time, talents and treasure with the school community.  Taking part in the Family Stewardship Program is not intended to be a hardship! Each family is asked to commit to a number Stewardship “Points” for each school year.

Reporting Your Hours

Starting with the 2022-23 school year, the school will be using the Connect1 App to track volunteer hours. Please register here and use the school code RU5GM7 .  All service hours must be performed by May 15. All updated position and points will be listed in the App! For additional questions, please e-mail the PTO at

Earning Volunteer Points

One point can be earned in one of the following ways:

  1. Complete one hour of volunteering for the school or PTO (on-site or off-site)
  2. Donate an item(s) in the value of $30. Purchasing and supplying food or event supplies for a class party, monthly faculty lunch, or any school event needs to be documented to be counted for Stewardship Points. Every $30 equals one (1) point.

Volunteering for PTO Board and certain PTO Coordinator positions will automatically satisfy your family’s Stewardship Commitment via receiving the allotted credit of Stewardship Points. Additionally, other PTO Volunteer positions are worth a specified number of points and will allow families to earn more at one time.

Commitment Per Family

  • 25 points per two-parent family
  • 12 points per one-parent family

In being mindful of the very busy lives of the St. Rita families, the request of either 25 or 12 points, which averages to 2.5 and 1.2 hours/month, respectively, should be manageable and not a hardship. However, in the spirit of mercy and compassion, if your family situation (i.e., new baby, medical crisis, unemployment, death in the family) makes fulfilling this commitment a hardship, either of time or of finances, please contact the PTO President for a confidential exemption of part or whole of your family’s Stewardship Commitment. An exemption is only applicable for the current school year. Additionally, families with a deployed parent will automatically receive an exemption of 50% of their Family Stewardship Commitment, but you must inform the PTO President as soon as you learn about the family member’s deployment.

Balance of Stewardship Commitment

  • $30 per unfulfilled point

The PTO works hand in hand with the school in providing a number of stewardship opportunities.  For families who are unable to complete their Stewardship commitment in a school year, there will be a $30 fee for each unfulfilled point.  This will be collected via FACTS and those families with a Stewardship Point balance will receive an invoice by June 1st and the fee will be collected with the June FACTS charge.

Should a family experience extenuating circumstances and find they are unable to fulfill their commitment, they may contact the Family Stewardship Coordinator and/or PTO President to request a confidential exemption.

Additional Commitments & Expectations Requested

  • Room Parents
    • To increase class representation and participation, Room Parents are requested to attend the monthly PTO meeting or send a substitute if unable to attend. Preschool Room Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend, but are not required to do so.
    • Send class a monthly email summary of pertinent information gleaned from the PTO meeting, newsletter, or any other details that the class may need.
  • Kindergarten parents, coordinated by their room parents, host the Kindergarten Graduation (PTO funded)
  • 3rd grade parents, coordinated by their room parents or a 3rd grade parent serving as First Communion Reception Coordinator, host the First Communion reception(s) (PTO funded)
  • 6th grade parents, coordinated by their room parents or a 6th grade parent serving as Confirmation Reception Coordinator, host the Confirmation reception (PTO funded)
  • 7th grade parents, coordinated by their room parents or a 7th grade parent serving as Graduation Coordinator, host the 8th Grade Graduation Reception (PTO funded)
  • 8th Grade Parents, coordinated by their room parents, host a breakfast for the 8th grade students the morning of their High School Placement Test

VIRTUS Requirement

The Diocese of Arlington requires that all adult employees and volunteers that have significant contact with children must be VIRTUS compliant. To become VIRTUS compliant, you must complete two parts: a four-hour class and background check paperwork that is submitted to the Parish Secretary. To register for on upcoming class, please visit If you took a training in another diocese, please contact the PTO’s Volunteer/VIRTUS Coordinator for information and assistance in having your certification transferred. Please note that not all programs are similar and that the Diocese of Arlington may not recognize prior classes and trainings you may have taken.

Background Check for Volunteers Instruction Sheet

Volunteer Opportunities During School Hours

  • Chaperone field trips
  • Class parties
  • Lunch helper or Recess duty
  • 3rd Grade Atrium Aide
  • School Open Houses

Volunteer Opportunities Associated with Events

  • Family Night(s)
  • Book Fair
  • Saint Rita 5K
  • Field Day
  • Annual Gala Auction
  • New Family Welcome Social
  • First Communion Reception
  • Confirmation Reception
  • Graduation Reception

Volunteer Opportunities After School Hours

  • Troops of St. George
  • Track Team Chaperone
  • Basketball Coach
  • Saint Rita 5K Committee
  • Annual Gala Auction Committee
  • School Yearbook
  • School Play Practice Chaperone
  • American Heritage Girls
  • Monthly PTO meetings
  • Monthly Pizza Lunch Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities At Home

  • Hospitality and Calling All Chefs Committees
  • Baking for school events & receptions
  • Making donation calls for 5K & Auction
  • Library book binding or other special projects
  • Monthly Faculty Luncheons
  • Auction + 5K:
    • Publicity
    • Administrative tasks: editing & creating written materials & certificates, creating crafts, posters, etc.
    • Graphic Design: creating flyers, logos, invitations, photo editing, etc.
    • Errand Running
    • Shopping
    • Online Research
  • Donations to any and all school events
  • Donations of materials to school

Points Earned for PTO Positions

PTO Board Member (25)

Room Parent Coordinator (25)

Room Parent, each grade Preschool, each grade K-8 (25)

Uniform Closet Coordinator (25)

Points Earned for Extracurricular + Student Enhancements

CYO Sports Representative / Sports Coordinator (25)

CYO Basketball Coach (25)

CYO Track Coach (25)

Walk for the Homeless Organizer (10)

School Play –Director(s) (25)

School Play – Producer(s)  (25)

American Heritage Girls Coordinator (25)

AHG leaders (report hourly)

Yearbook Chair (25)

Field Day Chairperson(s) (25)

Points Earned for Celebratory Events

First Communion Reception Coordinator(s): designated 3rd grade parent (25)

Confirmation Reception Coordinator: designated 6th grade parent (25)

Graduation Reception Coordinator: designated 7th grade parent (25)

Points Earned for Ongoing School Assistance

School Lunch Coordinator/Monitor (25): Daily commitment for 1 lunch sitting

Recess Monitor (report hourly)

3rd Grade Atrium aide(s) (25): Weekly commitment

Monthly Pizza Lunch Coordinator (25): Monthly commitment

Points Earned for Fundraising

Gala Auction Chairperson(s) (25)

5k Fun Run & Walk Chairperson(s) (25)

Book Fair Chair (25)

Fundraising Coordinator(s) for any fundraising efforts outside of the auction or 5K (Restaurant Nights, Charleston Wrap, Boxtops, etc.) (25)

Points Earned for Teacher Appreciation

Faculty Epiphany Dinner Coordinator (25)

Teacher Appreciation Chairperson(s) (25): 2 chairpersons to coordinate monthly luncheons and snacks for Teachers’ Lounge

Additional Teacher Appreciation Committee Positions:

  • Teacher Work Week (12 points)
  • Catholic Schools Week (12 points)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (12 points)