Saint Rita Catholic School

In the Classical Tradition
Preschool - Grade 8
"The soul of education is the education of the soul"

Saint Rita School Careers

Saint Rita School in Alexandria, Virginia, is a preschool to 8th grade Catholic school in the classical tradition. We teach students to serve God and others and to always seek the good, the true, and the beautiful.  We are a small and close knit community of one class per grade, with a talented, motivated, and collaborative faculty.  Our teachers enjoy introducing our students to great works of literature, masterpieces of art and music, and the big questions driving human history.  We prioritize faith formation and character development, and work to sharpen our students’ thinking, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  Read more about our unique classical approach here

If you are a thoughtful and joyful Catholic educator interested in fueling curiosity and inviting children into a deeper relationship with Christ, we would love to hear from you!  We welcome resumes and cover letters at any time, whether or not we have specific openings posted.  We offer a full benefits package to all full-time employees, funding for professional development coursework for teachers, and tuition discounts for the children of our staff.  Please send inquiries or resumes to Malia Busekrus anytime at  We look forward to meeting you!

“St. Rita is a truly special Catholic school. We embrace and live out our faith, incorporating it fully into our school day and instruction, and the children are knowledgeable in and excited by it, demonstrating reverence and engagement. In an increasingly secular world, I feel supported and protected in my faith and morals, and confident knowing that the entire Saint Rita community – from fellow staff to parents – is fully committed to the Catholic mission, and to Saint Rita’s belief that “the soul of education is the education of the soul.”
– Middle School Humanities Teacher
“The small size and Catholic curriculum in the classical tradition allow St. Rita educators to truly know the students and their families. The result is a rewarding experience that benefits students, their families, educators, and the church community.”
– Resource Teacher