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Dear Saint Rita parents and friends,

In one week, on Wednesday, April 9, starting at 12.01am Saint Rita School will participate in the 2014
Spring2Action day of giving. 
This year we are hoping to raise $3,000 to support our Basketball and Track programs. This will allow us to rent practice space, replace uniforms and give our volunteer coaches the tools they need to help our children succeed on the court and on the track. Every year we play against schools with athletic fields and gyms, some have multiple teams — and yet we are competitive. Imagine how great we could be with more than one hour of shared practice or training on the blacktop!
We are very fortunate to have a $1,000 matching grant so generously provided by the Cryor-DiNardo Family Fund. Every one of your dollars will go to this initiative and every dollar is worth two with this generous grant.
No need to worry about forgetting the date!  Go now to http://spring2action.razoo.com/story/St-Rita-School and schedule your donation for April 9th
If everyone donates a minimum of $10 we can easily reach our goal!

Please feel free to pass this along to family and friends.

If you have questions, please contact either Pamela Larson at plarson@saintrita-school.org or Josephine Cunningham at jcunningham@saintrita-school.org.
Thank you for your continued support of Saint Rita School!



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