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St. Rita School is thrilled to announce that our principal, Mary Pat Schlickenmaier, has been awarded the 2015 National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) Elementary Schools Department Distinguished Principal Award.

This national award is presented to only nine awardees across the United States. …(read more in the letter, below)


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A Note from the Principal

     Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe that here we are at the end of the summer and ready to start an exciting new school year!  Hooray!      
      Welcome back to all of our returning families and a warm welcome to our new families — it promises to be a wonderful 2015-2016 school year.  We are so happy at the prospect of the visit of our Holy Father in September and eager to incorporate his call for a Jubilee Year of Mercy into our Religion curriculum.  The teachers will spend this Friday with Father Gee and Father Bork on retreat learning all about the Year of Mercy and how to best share it with our students.
     Just because it is summer doesn’t mean things are quiet around here!  We have been busy with a number of projects and are anxiously awaiting our chance to show you — starting with our Open House for current families on Thursday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.  Come and see our new expanded clinic and front office, the two new interactive whiteboards in House of Raphael and the second grade, a huge new piece of playground equipment at the preschool and some beautiful redecorating that has been going on all summer throughout the main hall and stairway to the school hall.  Jamey Toner has done an amazing job overseeing all of these projects and we have the considerable artistic talents and generous spirit of Mrs. Prabaharan to thank for all the new d=C3©cor in the hallways.  The new awnings, brainchild of our own Mrs. Josephine Cunningham, are installed over the lower and upper hall entry doors off the playground and they are beautiful!  
     There will be some news faces in our classrooms and offices this year and I want to introduce you to:
  • Mrs. Melissa Manaker, Middle School Administrator and Religion 6 and Math 6
  • Miss Christina Lebron, Music K-8
  • Mrs. Dori Rutherford, Lamb aide, M, W, F
  • Miss Mary Peters, Lamb aide, T and Th
  • Mrs. Tricia Bryan, Kindergarten Aide
  • Mrs. Wendy Peters, second grade aide, M, W, F mornings
  • Mrs. Jill Hoagland, second grade aide, T, Th mornings
  • Mrs. Karen Bush, morning 5th homeroom, 5th Reading and 4th and 5th Math
  • Miss Juana Majano, clinic and adjunct office assistant
       I also wanted to share of couple of things with you and ask for your continued prayers — you have supported me through some challenging times in the past year and your prayers have made the difference every time.  Last Wednesday, my mother suffered a series of three strokes and has been in Mount Vernon Hospital ever since.  She has seen some improvement in the week since her stroke and we are now waiting for the next step in her treatment, which will be a rehabilitation facility placement for post-stroke patients with a goal to return her to her own home, which she has managed on her own up until last week — it is an ambitious goal but we are going to work very hard to see it happen if we can.  As I am an only child, I have no siblings to share the joy of my mother’s care so it is quite possible that I will need to be in and out a little more than usual in the next few weeks to allow me to get her settled into a program and provide her with whatever she needs to recover.  It has been a long week here at the hospital, but I take great happiness in her frequent smile and although her communications are pretty garbled at the moment she is not in any distress and has excellent care.  Her two grandsons and my husband have been in and out constantly and they get that lovely smile, too.  Special thanks go to Mrs. Manaker and Mrs. Cunningham, who have jumped in to help me with this first week for the teachers — and the amazing faculty and staff who fall over themselves trying to find ways to help me and make sure that everything is perfect for the opening of school — how blessed I am!  Finally (I know, it is hard to believe that there is more!) — during the summer, I unfortunately had a return of the symptoms of Graves’ disease that put me in the hospital in March and my wonderful doctors were not able to get the problems under control with medication.  So, three weeks ago I had a total thyroidectomy (this really should be one of our spelling words!) and after a night in the hospital I was home and quickly good as new — better, really, as I now do not have Graves’ disease!  I feel great, and the only reason I bring this to you is that I have a common complication from the surgery which is some temporary damage to my vocal cords because of the position that my thyroid was in — and now I sound at though I spent the summer cheering on the Nationals at the top of my voice — raspy with little volume but I am assured that in the coming weeks my voice will return – just wanted to give you a “heads up” for when we next meet and chat.
      And I hope that will be soon — come on Thursday for Open House if your schedule permits and see all that has been done over the summer — and meet the new faculty and staff!
      Placing the coming year in the hands of Saint Rita and Our Lady,
      Mrs. Schlickenmaier


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