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Preschool - Grade 8
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Family Stewardship Program

Sharing your time, talent & treasure!

The educational experience at Saint Rita is enhanced by the stewardship commitment of the families who share their time, talents and treasure with the school community.  Each family is asked to commit to 25 Stewardship “Points” for each school year (or 12 points for one-parent families or families with a deployed spouse).  Stewardship is not meant to be a hardship, and there are many ways to serve. Our school derives great benefits from an active parent group!

Ready to Volunteer? Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign-up for Connect1 App & pick a volunteer need that matches your talents!  St. Rita’s School uses the Connect1 App to track volunteer hours. Please register here and use the school code RU5GM7. All service hours must be performed by May 15.  All volunteer needs will be posted to the app!
  2. Virtus Training: The Diocese of Arlington requires that all adult employees and volunteers that have significant contact with children must be VIRTUS compliant. To register for an upcoming class, please visit
  3. Complete A Background Check. Instructions are linked here. 

*Please note many volunteer opportunities outside of school can be completed without Virtus and/or background check. However, volunteer activities that involve significant contact with children require you to complete steps 2 & 3. Once complete follow up with Debbie Beck ( and the SRS PTO to confirm.

What if I am having a hard time reaching the commitment level of 25 hours?

  • Our school depends on parents to operate and flourish!  2.5 hrs per month is not meant to be a hardship.  In the spirit of mercy and compassion, if your family situation (i.e., new baby, medical crisis, unemployment, death in the family) makes fulfilling this commitment a hardship, either of time or of finances, please contact the PTO President for a confidential exemption of part or whole of your family’s Stewardship Commitment. An exemption is only applicable for the current school year.
  • Donation of  any item(s) for school operations can earn your family Stewardship Points.  Purchasing and supplying food or event supplies for a class party, monthly faculty lunch, or any school event needs to be documented to be counted for Stewardship Points via the self-report feature in the Connect1 App. Every $30 equals one (1) point.
  • For families who are unable to complete their Stewardship commitment in a school year, there is a $30 fee for each unfulfilled point.  This will be collected via FACTS and those families with a Stewardship Point balance will receive an invoice by June 1st and the fee will be collected with the June FACTS charge.

Sample of Volunteer Opportunities Offered at St. Rita’s School