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Saint Rita Catholic School

Preschool - Grade 8
3801 Russell Road, Alexandria, VA 22305

Why Choose Saint Rita Catholic School?

Parents and students express in their own words why they love it here at St. Rita’s!

“St. Rita School fosters a tight-knit and engaged community of students, educators, religious, parents, and friends. My daughter enrolled as part of the inaugural three-year-old preschool class (the Little Lambs), and now is thriving in the Second Grade. She loves reading, writing stories, singing and dancing; St. Rita’s dedicated staff and volunteers encourage her to pursue those talents and also challenge her to try new things. Our entire family has cultivated wonderful friendships through St. Rita School, and we look forward to great things to come.”

Lara C. (Parent)

“We are so blessed to have our two boys at St. Rita, a school which nurtures not only their minds, but their souls.”

Elizabeth T. (Parent)

“I was already a member of St. Rita Parish before I sent my children to SRS. When my twins were just 16 months I ran in the St. Rita School 5k. I met many people from the school and the sense of community, faith and enthusiasm for the place impressed me. From that day, I knew I would send my children there. I never went to one open house or agonized over my decision for a minute. My twins are now in the fifth grade and I have a first grader and preschooler. We love this school! I know many recent graduates of SRS who are going off to some excellent colleges.

They are all well-spoken, polite and intelligent ambassadors for the quality of citizenship, education and faith formation your children will receive here!”

Lisa M. (Parent)

“We chose Saint Rita’s because the faculty and staff care passionately about their students and about helping them develop a love for learning and for their Catholic faith. We feel like the teachers are our partners in our son’s education, and the community truly feels like a family.”

Lauren P. (Parent)

“Learning is fun at St. Rita’s!”

Lucy E. (Student)

“St. Rita’s is great because of the Atrium and because it has a really nice nurse.”

Molly E. (Student)

“St. Rita School offers strong academics and an exceptional religious education in a loving family environment. Our children come home excitedly talking about praying for the suffering souls in Purgatory as well as what they are learning in computer class.”

Sandy E. (Parent)

“When you send your kids to St. Rita’s, you never doubt you’re sending them to a Catholic School that teaches them the fullness of the Catholic faith. It has a strong Catholic identity.”

Ryan E. (Parent)

“We chose St. Rita School because it felt like a community, not just an educational institution. We are not parishioners. We don’t live in the surrounding neighborhoods. We did not know even one family at St. Rita when we were researching schools. But when we came in for a tour, we immediately felt welcomed and at home. After only a few months at St. Rita, we felt certain that we made the right choice. We are constantly amazed at how kind and friendly the older kids are to our young ones. We are inspired by the way the parents work together to support the school functions and fundraisers. And the teachers, administrators and staff are a true team, working under the loving leadership of Mrs. S.”


“We spend a lot of time in the car traveling to and fro, passing two other Catholic schools on our trip every day. The sacrifice is worth it, because we know our kids are exactly where they are meant to be.”

Kate & John F. (Parents)