Saint Rita Catholic School

In the Classical Tradition
Preschool - Grade 8
"The soul of education is the education of the soul"

Why Choose Saint Rita Catholic School?

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Parents both past and present express in their own words why they love it here at Saint Rita!

“I first fell in love with the St. Rita community when I volunteered years ago as a catechist, so after the birth of our first child when my husband and I learned St. Rita was opening a pre-school program in addition to their K-8 school, we eagerly attended an open house to learn more. I knew St. Rita School was the place for my children when I heard Mrs. Schlickenmaier say, “St. Rita prepares your children for this life, and the next.” Nothing could encapsulate more for me of what I wish for my children. We are excited for the transition to the Classical model, to help them understand the world around them in a more holistic sense, and bring the content to life in a greater context, all while learning the important role of Christ’s teachings in their life and how they interact with those around them.”


“We love St. Rita because it is rock solid in the faith, and absolutely committed to building the foundation for a rich intellectual life.  After three overseas tours that have taken us away, we will always come back to St. Rita’s (but don’t plan on leaving again anytime soon!).”


“We chose–and continue to choose–St Rita’s School first and foremost because it is an unabashedly Catholic school, solidly orthodox in its teaching, filled with all things Catholic that inspire and teach.  So-called little things–saying the Angelus, for example, dressing as one’s favorite saint during Halloween, or having a May procession in honor of the Blessed Mother–are absolutely priceless.   We as parents are first and foremost responsible for the formation of our daughter’s soul.  St Rita’s School aids us immensely in that very challenging and all-important task.

Second, we love the transition to the classical model.  This model complements perfectly the Catholic character of the school.  It teaches the wisdom of the past, integrates that wisdom into contemporary learning, and in so doing, provides the students with a map for the future.

A solid classical model uses history, great literature, an appreciation of the fine arts,– as well as current understandings of science and technology (likewise informed by the past) to enrich children’s lives.

So–we love St Rita’s and we will continue to stay–and we look forward to the further implementation of the classical model!”

Walt and Laura H


“St Rita School is a warm and loving community where the teachers and priests joyfully share their faith and provide a strong academic foundation for high school.”


“I was already a member of St. Rita Parish before I sent my children to SRS. When my twins were just 16 months I ran in the St. Rita School 5k. I met many people from the school and the sense of community, faith and enthusiasm for the place impressed me. From that day, I knew I would send my children there. I never went to one open house or agonized over my decision for a minute. My twins are now in the fifth grade and I have a first grader and preschooler. We love this school! I know many recent graduates of SRS who are going off to some excellent colleges.

They are all well-spoken, polite and intelligent ambassadors for the quality of citizenship, education and faith formation your children will receive here!”

Lisa M.