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Saint Rita Catholic School

Preschool - Grade 8
3801 Russell Road, Alexandria, VA 22305

Mrs. Katie Morris

Mrs. Katie Morris, Math 4-8, is joining Saint Rita School after relocating to Alexandria this past year. She will be teaching math for grades 4 through 8. Mrs. Morris taught 4th and 5th grade math and science at St. Cecilia Catholic School in Dallas, Texas for 3 years. She also taught 9th grade Algebra at Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep for 1 year. After four years of teaching, she moved to Virginia to be closer to her fiance (now husband) and plan her wedding! She moved to Virginia in December 2017 and began substitute teaching at St. Rita’s shortly after. She is excited to begin teaching full time again in her favorite subject, math! Mrs. Morris received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Notre Dame. She then went on to earn a Master of Education through the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Teaching Fellows program at Notre Dame. Her favorite part of teaching math is helping students grow in number sense, logical mathematical thinking, and help them gain an appreciation for why math works the way it does! Mrs. Morris is a big proponent of growth mindset, meaning that every single person can learn math with practice and perseverance! Mrs. Morris enjoys visiting her family in Phoenix, dancing (especially two-stepping after her time in Texas), and trying new cookie recipes! She is looking forward to being a part of the St. Rita community!