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Saint Rita Catholic School

Preschool - Grade 8
3801 Russell Road, Alexandria, VA 22305

Mr. Thomas McMullin, 3rd Grade Teacher.

Mr. McMullin is a graduate of Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. He is entering his ninth year as a classroom educator. Mr. McMullin is in his third year of teaching at St. Rita. He has also served as a teacher’s aide in a 4th/5th special education classroom, a professional child care worker, and a parish youth minister. 

What excites me about teaching at St. Rita is the focus on teaching the whole person. Modern education often focuses too narrowly on the acquisition of knowledge and/or churning out industrious members of society. Our goal at St. Rita is to not only help the children to acquire knowledge and success, but also to inspire them to pursue virtuous lives. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Nothing is more important for the public wealth than to form and train youth in wisdom and virtue. Only virtuous people are capable of freedom.”