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Saint Rita Catholic School

Preschool - Grade 8
3801 Russell Road, Alexandria, VA 22305

Newsletter Week of October 29-November 2

Miss Walker

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sending your child in dressed in their formal uniforms.  We will stay in the formal uniforms, except on Mondays for PE, until late spring.

Thursday is All Saints Day.  It is a day to celebrate all the saints–not just those we know are in Heaven.  We will be going to Mass on Thursday and afterwards we will participate in the Walk for the Homeless.

We are looking at the water cycle this week in science.  In social studies, we are studying the first Europeans to colonize America.  In religion we are learning about making moral choices and the saints.  With the start of November this week, we are also introducing our new virtue, courtesy.  In math we are working on adding and subtracting large numbers in preparation for our chapter three test next Wednesday.  In grammar we are looking at more rules of punctuation, including titles and items in a series.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

God Bless,
Miss Walker