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Saint Rita Catholic School

Preschool - Grade 8
3801 Russell Road, Alexandria, VA 22305



 Welcome to Specials Classes!

Saint Rita by Theophilia on DeviantArt



Art: Miss Ammirati

Computers: Miss Dhanagom

Resources for Computer Class

We use Google Classroom in grades 3-8.

Got a spare moment? Practice those typing skills!

Resources for Home

Navigating the internet safely can be a challenge; mistype a word, and you could end up on a website you never wanted to see. Ads can suggest things you never considered.
Luckily we have tech to combat these instances. Use these extensions on your child’s tech to block ads and block inappropriate websites:

Block Ads: Adblock  (works on: safari, chrome, edge; this extension asks for a donation, but it works for free as well)

Block Inappropriate Websites: BlockSite (works on: chrome, android; this extension is free and blocks inappropriate websites, as well as websites you decide to block. It has the ability to be password protected so your child can’t disable it, and it also has a “work” mode, where it will block sites for a set amount of time to help your child stay focused on his or her work!)



K-5 Library: Mrs. Lynch

Music: Mr. Klosterman

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Welcome to General Music at St. Rita School!

Our school has three music programs: General Music, the Strings Program (directed by Mr. Cho), and the Band Program (directed by Mr. Evans).


Here is a brief overview of the curriculum for the General Music classes.


  • To experience the joy of singing!
  • To discover God’s beauty in great works of music.
  • To learn the basics of music theory.


Singing Curriculum

We primarily learn kid songs of the appropriate difficulty.  
Our goal is to learn the songs thoroughly (and maybe even put on a few in-school concerts).


Here is a general outline of the types of songs taught in music class:

  • Kindergarten: body-motion songs, rhythm songs, and basic liturgical chants and hymns
  • 1st: Animal songs, hand-motion/body-motion songs, and basic liturgical chants and hymns
  • 2nd: Story songs, hand-motion songs, and basic liturgical chants and hymns
  • 3rd: Story songs, some rounds, hand-motion songs, and basic liturgical chants and hymns
  • 4th: Irish/English folk songs, rounds, and liturgical chants and hymns
  • 5th: Folk songs from around the world, more complex rounds, and liturgical chants and hymns
  • 6th: Early American folk songs, rounds, and liturgical chants and hymns
  • 7th: American folk songs and spirituals, Civil War music, rounds, and liturgical chants and hymns
  • 8th: American folk songs and spirituals, Patriotic music, rounds, and liturgical chants and hymns

**I am happy to say that we will continue our tradition of putting on an Advent Lessons and Carols.  The concert this year will be on December 14. Mark your calendars!**

Music Appreciation

The younger students begin the year with the musical story of Peter and the Wolf (composed by Sergey Prokofiev).  We will continue with The Carnival of Animals (composed by Camille Saint-Saëns) and other such picture-based and educational masterpieces.

The older students will be exposed to great works of classical music by composers including Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Dvorak, and Mendelssohn.


Music Theory

Throughout the year, the following topics will be introduced to students using age-appropriate methods:

  • Rhythm
  • Notes: their values, shapes and names
  • Solfege (do, re, me, etc.) as a basis for sight-singing
  • Clef symbols, time signatures and measures
  • Instruments
  • Dynamics and other qualitative terms to describe music


I am very much looking forward to teaching more music to your children and have already been  very much impressed with their desire and ability to sing so beautifully. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  My email is

God bless,
Mr. Klosterman

Physical Education: Mrs. Carroll

PE with Mrs. Carroll

Week 25: Introduction to Sockball, a combination of kickball and soccer skills

Weeks 20- 24: Understanding the importance of warm up & stretching, building teamwork, Soccer basics, running bases and shooting on goal

Weeks 15-18: Cardio warm up and understanding why exercise is important, stick ball (similar to hockey).

Weeks 13 & 14: Cardio warm up, simple strength training using items around us, broom ball and following a rhythm.


Weeks 11 & 12: Cardio warm up, running 6 to 8 minutes in 2 minute intervals, stretching, noodle fencing and asteroid ball

Weeks 8-10: Cardio warm up Jogging for 6 to 8 minutes in 2 minute intervals, stretching,  whiffle ball and noodle ball

Weeks 1-7:Drills & Skills for different sports ( handball, basketball, soccer and dodge ball), cardio work out and stretching



Areas of focus:

Skilled movement

Movement Principles and Concepts

Personal Fitness

Responsible behaviors

Physically Active Lifestyle



Show the Face of Christ in all you do

Do your best at every task

Enter PE area quietly and ready to learn, play and compete

Raise your hand before speaking


PE Class Rules:

Follow “Give Me Five”

Practice safety at all times

Play by Rules of the Game


Grades are a result of points earned through:

Weekly class participation

Oral and written assignments



Links and Documents

Strings: Mr. Cho

Welcome to the St. Rita Strings Program for 2018-2019. This will be an exciting year of learning and music making.

Advanced Strings starts 9/10/18 with more focus on technical exercises and technique with a little repertoire.

Intermediate and beginning strings starts 9/17/18. The rotation schedule will come out soon. If you already haven’t done so, please go to Foxes Music Co. in Falls Church, VA for your instrument rental. My recommendation is to rent the instrument, especially for the younger students who aren’t playing a full size instrument.

If you have not done so yet, please fill out the enrollment form to let Mr. Cho know who you are and for thorough record keeping.

For any further questions, please email Mr. Cho:

I look forward to working with all of you this year.

Mr. Cho

Links and Documents

Band: Mr. Evans

Please Contact Mr. Evans using the following email: