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Saint Rita Catholic School

Preschool - Grade 8
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7th Grade


Saint Rita 7th Graders


Steps for success:

How are you doing on these goals?

  1. Take agenda to every class and write down homework
  2. Check off homework in your agenda as you complete it
  3. Get your lunch, backpack and uniform ready for the next day before you go to bed
  4. Pay attention in each class and work on the virtue of self-control by not interrupting or talking over your peers or teachers.

Check in with your parents about what you are doing well and what you need to work on.




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Core Subjects: Mr. Klosterman (Early Modern English, Lit, and History)

Math: Miss Tillotson

Math: Mrs. Bush

Welcome to 7th Grade Pre-Algebra!

We will be using the Saxon 1/2 textbook.  Daily assignments should be written in your agenda and I will make every attempt possible to post it on google classroom.  Weekly math maintenance sheets will be due on Friday’s unless there is a short week or special events.  The ‘stream’ tab in the classroom has the first 20 lessons from the textbook for your convenience.

Please click the link below for all classroom information.


Mrs. Bush


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Google Classroom

Religion: Mrs. McGraw

Welcome to 7th Grade Religion 2018-2019

Seek the GOOD, the TRUE, and the BEAUTIFUL

Class News and Homework (HW) – newest info to oldest…


Saint Report Project 2019

Mon, May 27:  Memorial Day and Tues, May 28:  Philadelphia Field Trip

Thurs, May 30:

Fri, May 31: 



Mon, May 20:  Scantron for Reading/Literature

Tues, May 21:  Test on Marian Doctrine and HW for Thursday is:

  1. Figure out what the Gospel is for this Sunday, May 26 (there is a link on this page and also you can reference the missal in church)
  2. Write down in your notebook the chapter and verse
  3. 5+ sentences on message and meaning of the Gospel

Thurs, May 23:  

Fri, May 24:  Field Day


Mon, May 13:  Father Bork

Tues, May 14: Scantron for reading / Literature

Thurs, May 16: Full review of Marian Doctrine, Marian Titles/Chapels for Test next week

Fri, May 17:  1/2 Day no class – Author Presentation Saint papers due today!  🙂  And test on Marian Doctrine is Tues, May 21!  🙂



Mon, May 6:  Father Bork

Tues, May 7:  4 Marian Dogma (Doctrine) – explained, why important, scripture references

  1. Mary, Mother of God (Jan 1)
  2. Perpetual Virginity
  3. Immaculate Conception (Dec 8)
  4. Assumption (Aug 15)

Thurs, May 9 and Fri, May 10 (1/2 Day):  8th Grade videos on the Marian Titles / Chapels including:  Our Lady of La Vang, Our Lady of Lebanon, Our Lady of Hope, Mary Queen of All Hearts



Mon, April 29:  Father Bork

Tues, April 30: Lenten Quote Books due today.  Reflection on Saint Joseph and the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  Handout provided.

Thurs, May 2:  We reviewed 6 Ways to keep celebrating Easter – we are in a joyful season and we should celebrate until Pentecost!  (read Sacred Scripture (Acts of the Apostles, perhaps), enjoy the garden or give Mom a bouquet of flowers – see all creation in light of God (Gift of the HS:  Knowledge); write down 3 things each day you are grateful for; eat desserts and sweets; say ALLELUIA after you pray (God be praised!); treat your neighbors and friends – do something special for others!  We also watched today:  Our Lady of Mount Carmel – presented by Lilly:

  • Patron of Carmelites and Chile
  • Gave the Brown Scapular to Saint Simon Stock
  • Famous Carmelites:  Terese of Lisieux and Teresa of Avila and Simon Stock
  • The scapular protects us from Hell

Fri, May 3:


Mon, April 15:  Father Bork

Tues, April 16:  Lenten Retreat to the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land

Holy Thursday – Divine Mercy Sunday (April 18 – April 28):  Easter Break!


APRIL 2019  Parents / Students:  Thank you for your patience during this “broken elbow” time!  🙂  I will focus on keeping this teacher page and Powerschool current, and catch up on the older stuff that’s missing, as soon as I can.

Monday, April 8 2019:  Father Bork discussed the Letter of James.

Tuesday, April 9: Reviewed our Lenten quotes of the day for today and tomorrow.  We discussed Jesus’ 7 Last Words in relation to one of the quotes.  We covered lots of questions regarding our Saint Projects.  Research note cards are due on Wed, April 17. When writing up your note cards:

  • Follow the outline you have been given exactly
  • Write notes on the cards in shorthand – you should not be using full sentences or paragraph format
  • Only use 3 x 5 inch cards and only write on the lined side
  • Make sure you include key ideas, dates, words, etc.
  • The note cards are what you will use to write your paper
  • Note cards should be “bullet list / shopping list” type writing – easy to read and use
  • The note cards should have all the info you need and have on your saint – feel free to keep adding info, even after you hand the cards in on April 17 – you should never stop researching and gaining more info!  🙂

Thurs, April 11 and Fri, April 12: Confirmation Study Guides should be brought to class every day.  We are going to finish reviewing the whole guide.  (Link to the guide is art the end of this teacher page.)


Main Topics for March 2019:

Mar 18 – Mar 22:

Mon, Mar 18: Father Bork
Tues, Mar 19: pages
Thurs, Mar 21:
Fri, Mar 22:



Mar 11 – Mar 15:

Mon, Mar 11:  No School

Tues, Mar 12:  Last Saint Paragraph Due;  Review of Lenten Quotes and review of the Middle School Plan to     PRAY + FAST + GIVE

Thurs, Mar 14: 

Fr, Mar 15:  Review of the Contract of Investiture – signing this Sunday!  Religion Bee – Confirmation Study Guide Review!



*Test on Thurs, March 7th will cover our Introduction to Confirmation.*

  • Define the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Describe the Rite of the Sacrament
  • Specific effects of the Sacraments
  • Scripture references of the Sacrament (OT)
  • Define and understand the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Pentecost = 1st Confirmation
  • Review your notes on this website and your notebook, and pages 209-221 in your Religion text

Mar 4 – Mar 8:

Mon, Mar 4:  Father Bork

Tues, Mar 5:  Watch the Sophia Sketch Pad Video on Confirmation in class with your substitute teacher.  First time around, listen carefully.  2nd time around, make notes on what you learned about the sacrament itself, the rite, the effects, etc.  Share in class.  Be ready for your test on Thursday.



Wed, Mar 6:  Ash Wednesday

Thurs, Mar 7:  Test on the Introduction to Confirmation

Fri, Mar 8:  Firm up our Lenten Plans



Main Topics for February 2019:

Feb 25 – Mar 1:  We finished defining and describing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then discussed Lent.  We need to be READY!

LENT Overview

LENT = The Great Fast

40 Days (Ash Wednesday – Holy Saturday)
Does NOT include Sundays (mini Easters)
Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday

Penitential / Preparation Season 
Preparation for the PASCHAL MYSTERY (Passion, Death, Resurrection, Ascension of Our Lord)

Lent -> Lencten (Anglo Saxon) -> Spring
Spring cleaning of the soul

Give Up (fast/sacrifice), Take Up (prayer/spiritual efforts), Lift Up (others)

Prayer: Mass, Stations, Increased Personal Prayer
Penance: Fast/Abstain, Confession, Sacrifice
Almsgiving: Others first, Donation of Time, Talent, Treasure

Fasting and Abstaining
Venerable traditions of piety among Jews at the time of Christ
Our Lord Himself practiced these as we see in Sacred Scripture
Fast from Food -> Ash Wednesday and Good Friday -> 1 meal, 2 other meatless meals that do NOT equal another full meal – to maintain strength)
Abstain from Meat -> No meat on Ash Wednesday and ALL Fridays of Lent
During class we have started our Lenten posters that will be finished and displayed by Fri, March 8.

Lenten Link:






Feb 18 – Feb 22 :  President’s Day on Feb 18.  This week we will focus on pages 216-223 – effects of the Sacrament of Confirmation, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, YouCat and NT Scripture references and information about the Sacrament.

Feb 11 – Feb 15:  Class with Father Bork on Monday.  On Tuesday, we reviewed pages 212-213 and discussed how Confirmation and the Seal of the Holy Spirit was prefigured in the OT.  Thursday we discussed the image of Pentecost on page 214.  HW for Fri, Feb 15:  What is the symbol and meaning for Luke and John, evangelists?  Friday we had a 20 question open-notebook test.  Outline of notes for the week:

  • Prefigure – foreshadow
  • Heresy – an “un-truth” or something completely contrary to the faith
  • Matthew -> his symbol is winged human figure (divine man) bc his Gospel  highlights Christ’s entrance into the world (his lineage, family record, Incarnation – God made man, Jesus as a humble and meek man)
  • Mark -> his symbol is a winged lion (a lion’s roar) referring to John the Baptist, the messenger sent to make ready the way of the Lord – the voice crying in the desert; a lion also represents royalty – appropriate for the Son of God

Feb 4 – Feb 8:  Class with Father Bork on Monday.  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday we discussed pages 209 – 210, The Story of Confirmation.  Outline of the notes:

  • Magisterium = Teaching office of the Church.  Pope + Bishops
  • Elements of the “rite” of Confirmation:  Bishop, Candidate, Sponsor, Chrism Oil, etc.
  • Jewish tradition of “laying on of hands” -> Confirmation (selected for a special task)
  • Oil -> seals us and … cleanses, soothes, heals, strengthens, beautifies; Oil signifies the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Anoint -> a seal, a consecration, set a part for God (like King David)
  • Requirements:  age of reason, intention to receive the sacrament, prepared to be a disciple/witness, state of grace, participation in the sacramental life
  • Abiding Presence -> Jesus promised not to leave us alone – he sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost 10 days after His Ascension
  • Effects of Confirmation -> empowers us to proclaim the Good News; Grace from Baptism is strengthened (Baptism = doorway to Christian life, Confirmation ordered towards living that life out); special strength to spread and protect the Faith; become a Soldier of Christ – Learn, Live, Love, Defend the Faith

4th Saint paragraph due on Fri, Feb 8.  HW due Tues, Feb 12:  Confirmation prefigured in Scripture, pages 212-213.

We also reviewed this week the Youth Apostles Pro Life Essay Contest.  See details here:

Pro-life Essay Contest Flyer



Main Topics for January 2019:

Jan 28 – Feb 1: Catholic Schools Week     Class with Father Bork on Monday.  Valentines for the Sisters at the Villa on Tuesday.  Thursday (2 hour delay) and Friday 1/2 Day:  review HW that was due Thurs, Jan 24.  (See below.)

The Great Commission – Outline of Notes

  • MT 28:  16-20
  • Occurs between the Resurrection and the Ascension
  • “All authority on heaven and on earth…” (Jesus’ Kingship / He establishes the Church on earth)
  • “Go therefore and make disciples…”  (The Sacrament of Baptism / The Mystery of the Trinity)
  • “…teaching them to observe…”  (Evangelize/Truths of the Faith/Magisterium)
  • “…and behold, I am with you always… (“Abiding Presence” / Pentecost – the 1st Confirmation)

Jan 21 – 25:  Tuesday 1/21 we discussed Pentecost as the 1st Confirmation.  We defined Confirmation and discussed the effects and gifts.  HW due Thursday, Jan 24:  Read, Write, and Ready to discuss pages 209-210, questions 1-8.  ALSO answer the following in your notebook:

  • What is The Great Commission?
  • In between what 2 important events in Jesus’ life did it happen?
  • Where can you find the chapter and verse in Sacred Scripture that talk about it?

We will discuss the above HW next week as Thurs 1/24 and Fri 1/25 class time was devoted to preparing for the Religion Bee for Catholic Schools Week.

Jan 14 – 18:  Snow day and 2 hour delays… MARCH for LIFE on Friday!  PRAYER DRIVE for LIFE all week!   On Thursday, we made a “flowchart/timeline” of key moments in Jesus’ life and corresponded them to The Sacraments and Mysteries of the Faith.  Here’s the outline:

  • Christmas -> The Mystery of the Incarnation
  • Epiphany -> The Triple Office of Jesus (Priest, Prophet, King); Jesus’ Divinity, Humanity, and Kingship is revealed; The Redeemer has come to save ALL (as represented in the Magi)
  • Baptism of the Lord -> The Sacrament of Baptism; The Mystery of  the Trinity
  • Wedding Feast at Cana -> Mary, the Mediatrix of all Graces; The Sacrament of Marriage, 4th Commandment; the last recorded words of Mary in Sacred Scripture
  • Jesus’ Public  Life (Preach, Teach, Words, and Deeds) ->The Sacraments of Penance, Anointing of the Sick; The Triple Office of Jesus
  • The Last Supper -> The Sacraments of Eucharist and Holy Orders
  • The Resurrection -> Everlasting life conquers sin and death
  • 40 days before the Ascension ->The Sacrament of Penance and The Great Commission
  • Pentecost ->The Sacrament of Confirmation – Christ promised His “abiding presence” through the Holy Spirit (Mystery of The Holy Trinity)

Watched Father Rob Galea video (link at the very bottom) on CONFIRMATION on Tuesday.  HW due on Thursday, Jan 17:  5 specific things you learned, or didn’t know about, or never thought of, in the way father Rob explained it – from the Confirmation video.

Jan 7 – 11:  The meaning of Christmas / The Mystery of Incarnation; examining the Nativity Scene and the symbolism found there; The 12 Days of Christmas as a Catechism Song; Epiphany and understanding this important feast and the importance of The Magi

Jan 3 and 4:  Saint research



Main Topics for December:  All about the LITURGICAL SEASONS and ADVENT.  Important notes taken on the following topics (this is an outline – students have notes on all of the following):

The Liturgical Seasons in order:  Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time (Short), Lent, Triduum, Easter, Ordinary Time (Long), and begin again…

Advent:  Describing what it is and why is it so important?

Key Figures of Advent:  Isaiah and John the Baptist

Key symbols:  Jesse Tree, Advent Wreath/Wheel, purple and pink, green, etc.

Salvation History:  and it’s strong connection to Advent

Mary’s YES at the Annunciation:  and how this should guide our Advent

Our Advent Retreat:  Cherished + Chosen + Sent

  • Week 1:  Cherished by my King
  • Week 2:  Cherished by my King
  • Week 3:  Christ my King
  • Week 4:  Sent by my King



Main Topics for Week of Nov 19 – Nov 25: Father Bork on Monday and Library Day on Tuesday.

Tues, Nov 20: Library Day – research saints using the House of Gabriel books and the chrome book cart. Don’t forget about the great links/websites on this teacher page (all the way at the end). Saint Paragraph # 2 is due Friday, Dec 7. Thanksgiving break the rest of this week!

Mon, Nov 19: Father Bork to discuss Jesus’ Passion and Death (finished with Agony in the Garden). Pick up from His arrest onward.



Main Topics for Week of Nov 12 – Nov 16: Father Bork finished the Agony in the Garden discussion – continue with Our Lord’s Passion; Unity of Two (pgs 25-26); next Saint Paragraph due on Fri, Dec 7

Thurs, Nov 15:  Terms we reviewed and discussed…

CCC;  “willed”; someone vs something; people vs objects; compliment not compete; “transmit” new life; Eve as a helper/partner for Adam – “unity of two”; communion of persons; complimentary

Summary of Unity of Two:

Triune God / Creator  >  Made in His Image (source of Human Dignity )  >  Made Male and Female  >  Made for Each Other (both individually complete but made for “communion”); Sacrament of Marriage – forming One Flesh to transmit new life (cooperate in the Creator’s work)


Main Topics for Week of Nov 5 – Nov 9:  Father Bork talked about the Triduum and the meaning of each day, Jesus’ miracles that created a “firestorm” culminating with raising Lazarus from the dead, and he discussed the 1st Eucharist (Holy Thursday) at length – next time we start with Agony in the Garden and the Passion;  Saint Paragraphs – 2 Research and Library Days; Test Review


Main Topics for Week of Oct 29 – Nov 2:  Saint Paragraphs – Research and Library Day; All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints, and All Souls

Test on Fri, Nov 9 will cover:  Unit 4 Vocab (pgs 4-6); Triune God; Dignity; Vocation of Love; Objects vs Human Beings; Steps to Sainthood; Cherished+Chosen+Sent; Self-knowledge, Self-Possession; Self-Gift; Fraternity and Solidarity; see notes below from 10/11 – 10/23 for help!

Fri, Nov 2:  You will receive the name of a saint to research, a book / source material to do your initial research, and the details of how to write your saint paragraphs.  Class time is for reading, researching, and starting to write your first saint paragraph.

“5 Saints – 5 Paragraphs” assignment details can be found here:  

5 Saints – 5 Paragraphs

Thurs, Nov 1:  All Saints Day!  Mass, No class.

Wed, Oct 31:  All Hallows Eve!  With a substitute teacher today,  listen to and discuss saint of the day.  (10/30 Alphonsus Rodriguez, 10/31 Wolfgang of Regensburg, 11/1 All Saints).  Take your notes on these, please.  Then discuss Unity of Two on pages 25-26 (this HW was due yesterday.)

Tues, Oct 30:  Saint paragraph instructions and discussion.  Also, the real meaning of Hallowe’en (All Hallows Eve)…

Mon, Oct 29: Father Bork Day – we continue with Jesus’ public life by discussing the Eucharist and His Miracles.



Previous Weeks…

Thurs, Oct 25:  Discuss “Path to Happiness” (pgs 21-22). HW due for Tues, Oct 30: pages 25-26. Ready, Write, and Ready.

Tues, Oct 23:  Discussed Made for Communion” (pg 20) and defined and explained the terms fraternity and solidarity and discussed 1 John 4: 20-21…Love of neighbor is inseparable from love of God. We are liars if we say we love God but hate our neighbor.  HW:  review your notebooks, ensure you have good notes each day – notes not only on saints, but on class discussion and concepts we learn.

Fri, Oct 19:  Discussed LOVE/CHARITY.  Highlights that should be in your notes:  Theological Virtue; Not a feeling but a choice; Love is always SACRIFICIAL – bc we want what is best for the other; The perfect example of love is Jesus’ perfect sacrifice:  Last Supper +  Crucifixion.  Father Bork:  “All love starts with gratitude.”

Thurs, Oct 18:  We reviewed in detail this Teacher Page 🙂 and all the wonderful info it provides.  We also discussed pages 18-20 and focused on the definitions and differences between self-knowledge, self-possession, and self-gift. 

HW due Thurs, Oct 18:  Review Mrs McGraw’s 7th Grade Religion Teacher Page – this page :-).  Familiarize yourself with the links, documents, and information here.

Tues, Oct 16: October is Respect Life Month…Cherished + Chosen + Sent
Read the story about Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego from 1531, and how this important event relates to our current fight for the protection of all human life. Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego, help us build a culture of life! Click here:        Cherished Chosen Sent

Mon, Oct 15: Confirmation meeting with parents and students with Father Gee and Miss Blank (DRE), and Mrs McGraw – 6:30 pm. If any parents/students missed this, please ensure you get a copy of the Confirmation Study Guide (link is below) and also a copy of the confirmation packet (Mrs McGraw has extras).

Fri, Oct 12:  Steps to Sainthood; Popes from John XXXIII to the Present; Celebrating the canonizations of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Oscar Romero; How does the church declare and recognize saints?  Check it our right here….


Thurs, Oct 11:  Notes and discussion from today (main points):

Triune God > Man made in His Image > Inherent Dignity > Vocation of Love > Individual Vocation (For example:  Child of God, Member of a Family, Student 🙂 )

Man vs Things:  Human beings are made in His image, have a body and soul, have equal dignity and importance, and are “un-repeatable” and unique!  “Things” are to used appropriately.  Things are object – human beings are not objects.

HW due on Thurs, Oct 11:  your letter to Sister Marie Lewis

HW due Tues, Oct 9:  Saints of the Week Paragraph

Fri, Oct 5:  Review and discuss pages 21-22

Thurs, Oct 4:  reiterated classroom procedures, preparedness, and readiness.  Also discussed Saint Francis of Assisi at length!  🙂

HW due on Thurs, Oct 4:  pages 21-22 in religion text book.  Read, write, and ready to discuss.

HW due on Mon, Oct 1:  Saints of the Week Paragraph on The Archangels

HW due on Thurs, Sept 27: pages 18-20 in religion text book.  Read, write, and ready to discuss.
HW due on Mon, Sept 24:  Transfer page 5 vocab words to your religion notebook. Use the vertical fold method I showed you, so your notebook becomes an easy way to memorize and study our religion vocab. I will collect notebooks at the end of class on Monday to check for completion, thoroughness, accuracy, neatness, and overall quality.  Also study for your PRAYER TEST on TUESDAY.

RE-TAKE PRAYER TESTS:  This is your opportunity to retake 1, 2, or all 3 prayer tests to potentially (hopefully) raise your grade(s).  The retakes are Tues, Sept 25 during religion class, study hall, lunch, and lunch recess.  Remember:  if there is a “blank” in Powerschool instead of a grade, you are re-taking that test(s).

HW due on Thurs, Sept 20:  Transfer page 4 vocab words to your religion notebook.  Use the vertical fold method I showed you, so your notebook becomes an easy way to memorize and study our religion vocab.  Also due Thursday, your Scripture Copy Work.  Re-write the scripture verse and then write 2-3 sentences about the meaning of the verse.   You were assigned 1 page only from the scripture verses listed on pages 10-17.



The blossoms of…Faith and Piety do not grow in the desert places of memoryless catechesis.  Saint John Paul II


Websites, links, documents, and other great information…

“Saints of the Week” Paragraph Instructions:  
10+ Sentence Paragraph on Saints of the Week
Links and Documents
Father Rob Galea on CONFIRMATION
Saint Quotes about PRAYER
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Franciscan Media - Saint of the Day
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